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Ref Availability

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Request a Referee

Please contact the society at lease one week prior to you scheduled game to request a referee.

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The Arizona Rugby Referee Society

We as match officials of the Arizona Rugby Referee Society are committed to following the four standards that are commonly recognized by USA Rugby and World Ruby to ensure:

Safety – the main job of a rugby referee is to make certain that all participants in a rugby match are safe and to rigorously police foul play.

On feet – as outlined in the Laws of the Game Rugby Union Football, the game cannot be played unless players are on their feet.

Onside – in order for a game to be entertaining for players, coaches and supporters, referees commit to creating enough space between teams for a wide-open attack to occur.

Fair contest – we realize that it is important that no player be allowed to illegally interfere with fair play and ball availability.

We offer two levels of referee-certification programs, referee coaching and coaching courses to prepare interested match officials to be coaches, assessments and self-reflection about our own performance.

Referees are assigned to matches based on their improvement over time, commitment and availability.

We commit to fairly and consistently officiate all matches regardless of our previous club affiliations and previous rugby experiences.

Az Rugby Ref